I did a VI Peel on the body but I'm not peeling, why?

The skin on the body starts peeling slower than the face; usually starting around days 4-7 post VI Peel and taking up to 10 days or more to complete.  Also just because a patient doesn't peel in sheets, doesn't mean the peel is not working. If a person does exfoliate often their skin may not peel heavily. Body parts usually flake versus heavy peeling as well. The peel is still working at the cellular level impacting collagen and elastin bringing new skin to the surface.
Also the degree of peeling is affected by many factors and varies by individual including:
1. Skin preparation 
2. Application method
3. Products currently being used by patient. Does this person use retinol products on a regular basis, etc. 
We recommend you check back with your practitioner over the next 5 days to monitor the peeling process. Keep us posted on the progress and we are here to assist you with any questions.
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