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A customer will contact CS or the account executive to “Return” something. They will be required to fill out a return form. CS or the Account executives can assist the customer with filling out the RMA form and instruct them to email ( or fax (310-587-1913) the form into the corporate office and any further questions need to be directed to customer service.

Once customer service receives the form the first thig will be to determine which type of return/exchange/replacement it will fall under within the RMA protocol.

There are 2 different types of RMA’s Exchanges and Returns. Replacements are a little different, all detailed below.

Customers have 90 days from the date of purchase to initiate an Exchange/return/replacement, after 30 days from the date of purchase a 15% restocking fee will be assessed to the account.

Everything returning must have an RMA, we will attach the UPS label to the RMA in NetSuite and email both documents to be used by the customer on the return.

1 Include the RMA print out in the retuning package. Every return!

2 *IF WE PROVIDE THE SHIPPING* Attach the shipping label to the box



  1. (Order Mistake) If we made a mistake in the order process and the wrong product was shipped we can create a new order and cross ship to customer before we receive their return. We must let the customer know they will have 30 days to return the FULL contents of the original order or we will charge them for the exchanged products that we shipped on good faith.
  2. (Changed Mind) The customer has changed their mind after receiving their order and want something different. The customer is responsible for shipping product back. We will not ship exchange until customer product is returned.

**WE MUST CREATE A NEW SO WITH A COST** We can set the terms to 30 days, we do not need to charge them but we do need to make sure to always add a cost to every order. We can handle the invoice once we get the returning products back.



  1. (Credit) Customer wants to return the product for a credit on their account. Customers are responsible for return shipping cost. We will need to issue RMA and wait for return to come in before we add the credit memo to their account.
  2. (Refund) Same as credit and except we will refund their credit card



  1. (Damaged) We will require the customer to send us a picture to show proof of damage, we do not need the customer does not need to return anything the picture will be enough. Just create a new SO for the replacement and 0 it out, we still need to not the original order in the PO for reference.

**IF THE ORDER IS LARGE** If the customer is claiming everything in a large order is damaged we will need to do additional steps; this would be something to escalate for review.




  • Review return request form and determine what the customer is requesting under one of the following options.


RETURN: – customer to return product for refund

  • Create a RMA for the customer to return product
  • Let the customer know they are responsible for return shipping cost
  • Email RMA and all pertinent information on the process to customer
  • Shipping will receive the return and inspect for what product was returned and in what condition
  • Process RMA and credit/refund the customer and close RMA

**POSSIBLE ADJUSTMENTS** If receiver does not match RMA adjustments to the credit/refund amount might need to be made.


Exchanges – Customer is returning product for us to exchange for something else

  • Create a NEW SO WITH TERMS and a PRICE for exchange.
  • On the NEW SO note in memo the original SO number that is being exchanged
  • Request a RMA to be issued, with original SO number
  • RMA will be created
  • Email RMA to customer for return

**POSSIBLE ADJUSTMENT** IF WE (Vi Aesthetics) are at fault and processed wrong product and they are requesting an exchange there are a few additional options

  • BEFORE sending RMA to customer, we will request a shipping label and attach that to RMA to be emailed to customer
  • We can do Cross shipping *IF* they request it
  • We must notify they customer they will have 30 Days to return the product or we will charge them the full amount on the replacement


  • Once we receive the returned product shipping will inspect
  • We will compare the receiver from shipping with the RMA
  • Process RMA and send NEW SO for fulfillment
  • Close RMA


Replacement – There was an issue with their order and we need to replace it, nothing coming back to us

  • We will request that a picture of the damaged product(s) is sent in as proof
  • Create a new SO for the replacement, 0 out total
  • On the new SO note in memo the original SO number and reason for replacement
  • Once picture is received we can move NEW SO to fulfillment (Can we attach to new SO?)
  • NO RETURN is required as long as we have proof of damage

**POSSIBLE ADJUSTMENT** IF the order is large and they are requesting multiple large quantities of replacements then we would need them to return so we can inspect damages before sending a replacement to them.

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