Can I peel the skin that is hanging during the peeling process?

No. NEVER PULL BACK on the skin that is shedding. It is recommended to use a small cuticle scissor to trim the exfoliating skin. You can also go and wash the face to help gently remove the hanging skin. If washing the face multiple times a day, be sure to add moisture back to the skin by applying the Post Peel Protectant or coconut oil. You also MUST use the VI Derm SPF 50+ to protect the skin during and after the exfoliation process.

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    Deborah Kilbride

    Just got my peel  on Sept 23 and really started to peel on the 25th. I've been washing and moisturizering with the VI peel products with additional moisturizer.  it definitely helps speed up the peeling process without peeling the skin.  Thank you for the tips ! 😄

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